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Lets serve together

We are just like you. We want to serve God with the gifts we have been given. That's why we are doing this.

  1. No up-front costs, ever No set-up costs, no large up-front payments. The first month's payment of $50 gets you started. No, there really isn't a catch.
  2. Custom is on us We will custom design your site right from the start so that your site is a representation of, well... who it represents.
  3. Do it your way As our name suggests, our sites are built on our favorite content management system Wordpress. This puts you in control of what is on your site and is incredibly easy to use.


Because we believe that our gifts come from God and that we are called to use our talents for him, our incentive aimed at churches, church plants and Christian ministries does not have any up-front costs or setup fees. The hardest part for any ministry looking to establish a presence online as a tool for its members, and marketing tool for those seeking is that initial start up cost. Your focus should be the same as ours: building relationships, not exorbitant profit. After all isn’t that the point of everything anyway—relationships? We understand this and have done our best to make it as simple, personal and affordable process as possible. There are no initial costs other than the first month’s bill of $50 at signup, which will begin a one year relationship with us.


Think you will have to spend a bunch of money on your church website design in order to get it to look just so? You don’t have to. Each site we take on will be custom designed according to your ministries whims and needs. That means that your site will be one -of -a -kind, and unique to your domain. No canned templates here. Need your background red with green stripes? You Got it. Always wished your homepage had a large image slider so that you can put those embarrassing photos from the church picnic there? We can do that. Need a spot in the footer for featured sermons? OK. We can cater to almost any need you have, and along with that make sure your site looks great.


We understand, some people just want to do it themselves. That’s fine with us because our site’s are powered by the most up-to-date version of the WordPress Content Management System. After the initial design and setup, we hand the keys to the corvette over to you to play with and update as needed. We find this works best because you know the content your site needs better than anyone after all. Still need help or want some WordPress Tips? Sure, our super support is always available and ready to help you with your site as needed. Don’t worry, we can work that out, and we will stay in touch. 🙂

Our volunteers and staff have always found the customer service to extremely helpful. They walked through each set up step and provided great one-on-one assistance.
— Robin Ringer of Pure for God Ministries, Inc
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An “Updated Look”

Working from a framework of a similar WordPress theme, we consulted with the District to customize in design and function any part of the site. […Click to View Full Testimonial…]


Every ministry needs something different

We worked with CCMWNY to understand what tools would be useful for them. Their site is now complete with a working blog that can be used to post answers to common questions they receive.

Help & Support FAQs and Further Information